I promote youthfulness through digital media

I am a digital beauty marketer, which  pretty much just means that I promote youthfulness through digital media.

Fall 2016 marketing graduate with international study in France.

I have interned with AXA for a digital administration position, and am currently working with Sally Hansen Digital marketing team at Coty Inc.

Research, Connections and Hard work.

L2, beauty blogs, influencers and other digital sources.  Staying up-to-date on the latest industry information is a must for me.

Who am I?

A Brooklyn foodie, morning jogger, antiquity reader, and in-home fragrance creator.  My apartment has a permanent scent of lily of the valley essential oils and a growing window display of succulents.  I seek knowledge from world news updates, WSJ and the occasional tumblr post or Buzzfeed article.  Travel, languages and powerful movies are what inspire me.